League autumn will have 19 rounds next year

The autumn part of the next year’s first league will be played until mid-December due to a change in the format of the competition and will have 19 rounds. The spring season will start on February 9, and the five-wheel superstructure Energybet will start on May 4 and end on May 25. The term for the year 2018/19 today was approved by the League of Football Association.

“The first league has a new format since the next year, which means more playing days, so the schedule has to be adjusted accordingly,” LFA Executive Director Tomáš Bárta told the press conference.

Due to the final of the World Championship in Russia on July 15 next year, the League will start on the weekend of July 21 and 22. In the autumn instead of the current 16 rounds will be played three more and will end on the weekend of 15 and 16 December. The current league Energybet season had the last autumn round on the program last weekend.

The winter break will be significantly shortened and the spring season will begin on 9 February, before the start of the elimination phase of the Champions League and the European League.

The last 30 league rounds will take place on the weekend of 27 and 28 April. The superstructure will start a week later on May 4 and will culminate in the fifth round of May 25, when the new master will be known at the latest. The next week’s play Energybet football betting will be played for the highest competition. The third round of the superstructure will be placed on Wednesday 15 May.

“We are clearly limited by the UEFA Term List, we do not have the freedom in the term list, it seems like the year is terribly long, but when you look at how filled it is that the cups are played in the week, so it significantly limits the idea of ​​some embedded wheels, “said LFA Chairman Dušan Svoboda.

“You can not play a league during a tournament, a world championship or a European championship, just discussing how to shorten the inadequately long winter break, which is the Energybet only chance you have, and if we start in the spring, it is a great advantage for our teams, if they do not have the first match to play off European cups right now, “added Svoboda.