1xbet sports betting bonus

1xbet sports betting bonus

Afterwards, both the captcha code and the Vip Pinnacle code must be confirmed, so as to enter the section concerning the conditions of use. At this point you can proceed to “Create an account”, which is the last step before moving on to the actual game.

Offers and 1xbet Pinnacle bonus: promotions for new members

Let’s start by saying that, as a percentage, the winnings are 97% and are free from additional costs. It is always better to check the website, as from time to time special offers are offered especially for the casino: once you have signed up for Pinnacle, you get an unlimited cash back of 0.3% on each bet at casino, which will then be loaded directly into the gaming account at the end of the episode, and which can be redeemed when the player considers it more appropriate.

Speaking more broadly, it is true that we are not faced with a real 1xbet sports betting bonus bonus, but with the promotion code Pinnacle everything is given back through the fewer restrictions during the gaming sessions: taking the kick, they are offered the best bet limits among all competitors, especially when we talk about the main Italian and international competitions. These limits are also raised when we enter the weekend, with a default base of € 30,000. This is enough to convince the most experienced users of the agency, so as to encourage new players to provide themselves with the Pinnacle vip code and register as soon as possible.
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Pinnacle online: what do I play?

Among the Pinnacle proposals there are yes gambling and 1xbet sports bets, but the on-the-go game, available for Apple and Android and easily downloadable on every smartphone and tablet, should not be forgotten. Let’s see a list of the disciplines to focus on
Bets on the Pinnacle sport

Let’s start from this section as undoubtedly the most substantial and fundamental for Pinnacle, as it includes soccer, baseball, basketball, football, volleyball, boxing, tennis, e-sports and so on. It goes without saying, football, the Italian national sport, without a doubt: we find both classic options such as 1X2, goal / no goal or guessing the markers, but you can also choose whether to make a multiple bet (no more than the 8 events) or single. Great importance is also played by both basketball and tennis.

The new frontier of E-sports on Pinnacle

Pinnacle’s offer is so broad that it also includes virtual sports, so-called e-sports. Going to E-sports Hub it is possible to track down the “e-sports” item, where it is possible to bet 1xbet on video games (both singles and tournaments), with an update of the live odds. A very useful support is what Pinnacle dedicates to those who have just approached this world, namely beginners. The bets on e-sports are quite similar to those on normal disciplines, since it is enough to place a normal bet with the relative imported and confirm it, as happens with every bet.

In virtual sports the American decimal probabilistic system is used: when the latter goes down a lot, it means that the chances of the event occurring increase. Here too we really have very high limits as for normal disciplines: these also continue to rise when approaching the event.

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The Pinnacle Casino

Impossible not to mention the inevitable section of the casino, available from the PC, but also in the mobile version. Here we find a myriad of different specialties, ranging from card games (poker, baccarat, blackjack) to bingo, keno, video poker, slot machines, and other table disciplines such as dice and rouette,

For those facing the casino games, there is an unlimited 0.3% Cash Back compared to other users. And practically all the disciplines are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thanks to the live presence of dealers and croupiers of quality and experience, who always guarantee the chance to try their hand at the Hold’em. at roulette, blackjack and baccarat. To make the game even more real, a chat was set up to talk to the dealers.
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How is Pinnacle’s offer made up? Here is the schedule

In this section we find a really wide and varied offer. The most popular odds are those on football and on the main European leagues, such as Serie A, Premier League, Liga, Ligue 1 and Bundesliga, followed by basketball from American colleges and NBA but also some European championships such as the Italian one or the Liga Endesa ACB Spanish, from the Grand Slam tennis and the ATP and WTA circuits.
The Pinnacle option for live play

Among the most appreciated ate by the players there is surely that of the live bets: you can’t just bet 1xbet in fact, but also watch the match in question, to know better about who and what to bet. And there is no need to repeat how high the odds remain even during live events.
The mobile version: Pinnacle betting and casino directly on Android and iOS

To date, mobile is one of the most important sections for a bookmaker and Pinnacle knows this well, as the mobile gaming experience is truly a gem. Entering the Pinnacle site (pinnacle.com) instead, you find yourself in a different layout but always very “easy” and easy to decipher. A further alternative created by Pinnacle is to be able to operate on the account (both as regards withdrawals and deposits) and to place a ticket even from offline mode. If we open the Pinnacle app on mobile devices, we immediately find the casino thanks to the ad hoc icon, while on the internet this is traceable at the top of the main page.